Julie Russo-Founder

Julie Russo began working at McKee Homes in June of 2012.  As the Director of Administration, she prides herself on hiring and managing a top-notch office and sales staff. She also helps McKee Homes support several nonprofit programs including the Alzheimer’s Association, Helping a Hero, The Fayetteville Urban Ministry and Kids Peace.

Prior to working for McKee Homes, Julie was an elementary school teacher for the Wake County School District. She taught in several schools in the Raleigh and Knightdale area and currently volunteers in Wake County Schools on a regular basis. She has a strong desire to help students read, comprehend and solve math word problems. She has developed a system, which fosters the importance of reading comprehension when solving a math word problem.  Through the use of Structures of Equality, Julie teaches children to diagram a math story prior to solving. This technique encourages students to fully process the meaning of the math story.

She hopes to expand this program to the Fayetteville and surrounding areas schools.-

See more at: http://www.mckeehomesnc.com


Julie Russo, math consultant and copyright owner, grants to educators the usage rights of the Structures of Equality Documents with the credit of “Copyright 2012  Julie Russo” to be included on all Structures of Equality documents.   The term “Structures of Equality” and all items created to implement Structures of Equality are property of Julie Russo (*see note below). Julie Russo gives permission to duplicate her Structures of Equality handouts and ideas for educational purposes only. Others should not gain financial profit through the usage of her Structures of Equality handouts and ideas.

*Tanya Burns is a co-creator of some Structures of Equality documents. She is considered part owner of the documents she helped create, therefore her name will accompany Julie Russo’s on said documents.

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